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100% Natural 

No Steroid

No Preservatives

No Emulsifiers

No Fragrance

No Color Additives

No Heavy Metals

No Synthetic Molecules

Our unique herbal therapy is developed by Medical Corporation Soujikai, Japan. The herbal formula we use are food and cosmetic graded and do not contain any trace of artificially synthetic compound or medicines. They are safe, non-addictive, works effectively and is suitable for all age groups including infants. It has been developed for 20 years and more than 20,000 dermatitis patients have been clinically cured by treatments in Japan. 

Clinical Study Achievements

Effective Rate 97%

Cure Rate 90%

Cure rate is measured by 100% clear of the skin symptoms for at least 12 months after the treatment 

Small Green Plants

Before & After

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ad case 3 before.jpg.png
ad case 4 after.jpg.png
ad case 3 after.jpg.png
ad case 2 before.jpg
ad case 2 after.jpg
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ad case 5 after.jpg.png

Individual results will vary.  Consult with us about your individual situations. 

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