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100% Natural 


No Steroid

No Preservative

No Emulsifier

No Fragrance

No Color Additive

No Heavy Metal

No Synthetic Molecule

Our unique herbal therapy is developed by Medical Corporation Soujikai, Japan. The herbal formula we use are food and cosmetic graded and do not contain any trace of artificially synthetic compound or medicines. They are safe, non-addictive, works effectively and is suitable for all age groups including infants. It has been developed for 20 years and more than 20,000 dermatitis patients have been clinically cured by treatments in Japan. 

Clinical Study Achievements 

Effective Rate 97%

Cure Rate 90%

Cure rate is measured by 100% clear of the skin symptoms for at least 12 months after the treatment 

Medical Corporation Soujikai

Soujikai was Incorporated in 1977 in Japan. Soujikai had invited Dr. Songhua Li, an assistant professor at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to be the adviser for its’ herbal formula research and development team. This research was based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop an effective herbal formula for Atopic Dermatitis without the use of any steroids or immunosuppressant’s. This work was also in collaboration with Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Pharmacology Laboratory at Shimane Medical University (currently known as Shimane University Faculty of Medicine) in Japan. In 2002, a formula was successfully developed by Soujikai and in that same year, in November, Soujikai was featured on Japan BBS (Broadcasting System of San-in) drawing huge attention to our therapy. The therapy has since been used, not only on Atopic Dermatitis patients, but also on other dermatitis conditions, with a 90% clinical cure rate achieved.

There are a total of four Soujikai skin clinics in Japan which specializes in Atopic Dermatitis and other related auto-immune skin diseases and have clinically cured more than 20,000 patients in Japan.

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is simple. To provide a safe and natural alternative to the current “standard treatments” of topical steroids and other immuno-suppressing agents for skin diseases. We hope for everyone to be able to live day to day without worrying about their skin symptoms, therefore enjoying a better social life and living standards.   


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